The Literacy Workshop
The Literacy Workshop engages students in consistent weekly activities that meet specific Alberta education outcomes through private or group sessions. Our focus is working with school-age children in Language Arts and Mathematics.

We believe in fostering a love for learning through providing an environment that challenges the student to their full potential and empowers independence.

Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • An experienced educator and parent with an AB Education Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate instructing your child
  • Clear understanding of the AB Education Program of Studies
  • Someone who is educated in psychology and assessments and who can tailor approach to meet specific educational needs
  • Background in counselling provides sensitivity to self-esteem in children
  • Weekly lessons provide consistent learning with high expectations
  • An environment of creativity and collaboration
  • Opportunities for students to present their work

Meet Jennifer

AB Education Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate
BA, B Ed, MA Counselling

Growing up in small town Saskatchewan was something that I did not appreciate fully until I moved away from home. Most of all I am grateful for the classical education I received at school, along with music and dance.
My first year university was a breeze compared to the rigours of completing all of the departmental exams at the end of my grade 12 year. There were no easy credits where I came from and I have to say that I was very inspired by my teachers throughout my education. Discipline and hard work were instilled in me from a very young age.
In a community of just over 1000 people, it is crazy to reflect upon the fact that we were a jazz, concert and marching band that played the half time show at the SK Roughrider games. I was also extremely lucky to have the Canadian Dance Teacher Association President as my dance teacher. We worked extremely hard and were Provincial Champions in dance and completed many dance exams. Swimming was another area where we excelled. As examiners said, we were among the best swimmers they had encountered.
After completing my BA at the University of Saskatchewan and saving enough summer money, I headed to Asia for 6 months on an adventure. It was in a Bangkok Guest house that I faxed my application to the University of Calgary and got into the BEd after degree program the following fall.
When I completed my BEd, I went back to Asia and worked for four years in Seoul, Korea. For three years, I was the Vice Director of a Language school. One of my roles was setting up the English education program for 20 elementary schools of approximately 1000 students each. My final year in Seoul was spent teaching grade 1 at Seoul Academy International School. I also worked in broadcasting and taught many private English classes. One of my private students was recognized as the top non-native English student in the entire country of South Korea. What a fulfilling experience as a teacher!
Shortly after coming back to Canada, I started a family and completed my MA in Counselling. While raising my kids, I worked as a guidance counsellor and teacher for the Calgary Board of Education, Foundations for the Future Charter Academy and Calgary Jewish Academy. Four years ago, I started my own business focused on developing English and Math competencies in children. Both of my own children were in French immersion and I saw a need for enhancement in their English literacy, so I decided to put the word out to parents in my community and have had wonderful success.


The right strategies

“Miss Jennifer teaches the right strategies for writing and giving presentations. It enriches my vocabulary when I write. Also she made writing less boring.”

- Grade 6 French Immersion student

Way ahead of my class

“I’m way ahead of my class in Math now after coming to Miss Jennifer’s.”

- Grade 3 student


“It’s the best class in the world. I really enjoy having fun here. Miss Jennifer’s classes are awesome! I’m going to stay here for the most years I can.”

- Grade 2 student

Built their confidence

“The personalized approach, consistency of programming, and focus on all areas of Language Arts have been very beneficial for both of our children. Not only has Jennifer’s tutoring helped improve their reading and writing, but it has also built their confidence in the classroom. Thank you!”

- Parent, Al Williams

You learn lots

“There’s always something to do. You learn lots. She helped me with my story writing, indent when people are talking, when to start a new paragraph, and what punctuation to use. She also helped me with my Terry Fox Cancer Fundraiser speech.”

- Student

Learned more in one hour…

“I learned more in one hour with Jen than I learned all year at school.”

- Grade 6 student

Qualified teacher

“I’ve been very happy with the cost, location and results of my kids’ work with Jen. Not only is she a well qualified teacher, the mini- classroom setting provides the added benefit of a little peer pressure to strive for success.”

- Parent

Helps with school

“It helps with school. Even my teacher said I improved my writing so much since the start of the year; like if you have to write an essay or anything.”

- Grade 5 French Immersion student

Fun to write in cursive

“Writing classes are one of the best things in the world. I wish I could come here everyday. It is fun to write in cursive.”

- Grade 3 student

Work with other kids

“I love the class because we get to work with other kids.”

- Grade 5 student

Improved marks

“Well I have certainly improved my marks in LA because of coming here. I went from a 1 to a 3 in English.”

- Grade 7 student

Favourite time

“Writing class is my favourite time of the week.”

- Student

I can write in cursive

“I just love writing and learning, especially handwriting. I can write in cursive whenever I want.”

- Grade 3 student

Positive and supportive environment

“My daughter has been receiving English grammar and writing education for the past three years and looks forward to her weekly lessons. We have noticed an improvement in her understanding and use of the English language. Her spelling skills have also improved and we have a better understanding of what her skill level is. It is wonderful to have a community-based educator who provides a positive and supportive environment where education and friendships are forged. We are definitely pleased with the results we have seen and would recommend parents enroll their children in the program to compliment and enhance their schooling.”

- Parent

Love reading

“I love reading in English.”

- Grade 2 French Immersion student

Know how to do handwriting

“I’m the only one in my class who knows how to do handwriting and read it.”

- Grade 4 French Immersion student
► Hear from the students

Tutoring Approach for Language Arts and Math

As a society, it is important to maintain our ability in Writing and Math and not rely too much on the computers to do our work. It is true that children rise to the level of our expectations and I set the bar high in my weekly lessons.

I want children to develop independence and feel at ease in my mini classroom setting. My goal is to cultivate an environment of respect, creativity, fun and a desire to learn more. My classes are very structured and focus on specific tasks that are repeated every week. As one of my grade 6 students recently said, “There is always a lot to do at Jen’s”. In my opinion, there is so much to learn and no time to waste!

At the end of my group Literacy classes, the students are given opportunities to share and present their work to their peers, which is an extremely beneficial skill in life. If the student is in a private lesson, I coach them on how to present their work as if there were an audience. It is rewarding to see the growth in my students’ abilities and confidence in presenting their ideas and written work.

Math classes are also taught in a systematic way where the focus is on basic facts, grade level Alberta Education Program of Studies concepts and problem-solving techniques.