The Literacy Workshop
Elementary Language Arts
Junior/Senior High Language Arts
Elementary and Junior High Math Program

Jennifer believes that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to mastering skills. Her approach is to build English and Math skills in an environment that welcomes individual differences and learning needs. She likes to work with the students on a consistent basis one or more times a week during the school year. Consistency in her expectations helps the students develop their skills in a way much like weekly music lessons would. The Literacy Workshop is a place of structure and empowerment through learning new things. It is also a place where inquiry can flourish and individual interests can be tapped into.

Jennifer offers privates and group lessons, Monday-Thursday from 12-8pm and Fridays from 12-6pm. Some Saturday Morning classes will also be available. All stat holidays are observed and make-up lessons are available. Jennifer requires 24 hours notice for cancellations.

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Elementary Language Arts Program

Kindergarten-Grade 6
The journey of elementary education is one of the most fundamental times in a person’s development. It is when a love for literacy and the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening begin. Jennifer’s classes are very structured. She believes structure allows her students to feel comfortable because they know what is expected of them. Jennifer thinks that consistency fosters security and satisfaction in learning. Her weekly lessons focus on grade level spelling, reading comprehension, handwriting and all types of writing and presenting of information. Jennifer provides the tools for learning and guides the children how to use them. Her teaching approach takes into account specific learning needs. She believes that the bar can be set very high as far as what young children can achieve academically."

**NEW** Kindergarten Enhancement Classes
Boost your child’s learning with these exciting new add-on classes for kindergarteners available weekly throughout the school year. 
  • 11-12 pm Tuesday/Thursday
  • 11-12 pm  Monday/Wednesday

Book a Literacy Workshop at your neighbourhood Community Hall on Saturday from 10-12. Five students required.
  • Reading Readiness through rhymes, stories, and sounds
  • Phonetic emphasis-digraphs, consonants, and vowels
  • Taught in a systematic way to review and reinforce learning
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • Book and Novel study
  • Analyzing the elements of a story

  • Coaching on how to speak in public and present ideas and written work
  • Communicating to share an opinion or express a point
  • Developing self-advocacy skills for optimum individual learning

  • Engage listening skills through novel study
  • Modeling reading for enjoyment (Children love being read to)
  • Handwriting-Printing and Cursive (letter formation and pencil grip)
  • Weekly Spelling tests
  • Structured Writing (Sentences, Paragraphs, Reports, Essays)
  • Organization and Mechanics
  • Note-taking
  • Grammar Mini-Lessons
  • Creative Writing and Writing from Pictures
  • Writing Stories
  • Punctuation & Capitalization
  • Writing about Literature
  • Vocabulary
  • Editing
  • PAT prep

Junior/Senior High Language Arts Program

The transition to any form of higher education can be daunting, especially if you have not mastered the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in your junior high and high school years. Through Language Arts education, we develop skills crucial for optimum success in our lives. Jennifer’s passion is literacy and she believes that a strong foundation in Language Arts leads to confidence in a student’s abilities to pursue higher education, lifelong learning and better communication with others.


Elementary and Junior High Math Program

Jennifer feels that quick brain calculations, from counting back change to basic math facts mastery, have fallen by the wayside in today’s computer dependent society. In Jennifer’s weekly classes, student work on their basic math facts skills through repetition and games. The rest of the student’s hour is spent working on grade level Math concepts. Jennifer believes that modeling and doing activities together can sequentially lead to independence in solving Math questions and problems. Jennifer pays careful attention to gaps in understanding and individual academic needs. She wants to enhance a student’s understanding of Math concepts while making sure the student is getting their grade level curriculum expectations met.

  • Basic Math Facts Skill Development (adding, subtracting, multiplication, division)
  • Grade Level AB Education Program of Studies Math and Problem Solving
  • PAT prep