The Literacy Workshop

Learning Decline over COVID – the Summer Slide

August 16, 2020  

It is difficult to predict what our “new normal” will look like for returning to school in fall 2020. One thing that worries me is the amount of learning that has been lost because of school closing in March. I feel really bad for the kids’ confusing education and social experience.
Researchers are predicting that the COVID lockdown could result in serious academic set-backs for students especially in Reading, Writing and Math skills. Studies have shown that children usually lose about one month of learning every summer, so I wondered about the effect of school closures on student learning benchmarks?
Based on the normal “summer slide” of one month of learning lost during summer vacation, some researchers have predicted that students have lost approximately 3/10 months in Reading and approximately 5/10 months in Math. It was found that during the pandemic, Math could have a more significant loss because a lot of parents do not feel as comfortable teaching their kids Math as they do Reading. The prediction of amount of learning lost is very shocking and I’m wondering how long it will take our Canadian kids to recover?
Because of the pandemic, the foundations in Reading, Writing and Math skills could be affected for years to come. The Literacy Workshop is here to provide in person academic support to all children in these areas. Let’s work together to get the kids back on track.
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