The Literacy Workshop

Learning Pods

August 15, 2020  

The entire educational community is adapting to what is a rapidly changing educational environment.  As an educator, I was grateful to be able to continue to work with my students using the computer. However, after months in the 2 dimensional Zoom world, I found that it was way more exhausting than I anticipated. I know that my students also feel like in person learning is a much better way to go. Suddenly all kids might appreciate the school experience more!


Although virtual learning was a real quick fix for a huge educational problem, we also learned the limitations of this world on delivering the message in education. For example, not all families have enough computers in the home for mom and dad and the kids all to be working in the virtual world.  Also, parents, who were working from home, found it extremely overwhelming to be their child’s teacher, along with work and all the other stressors of the pandemic. We made a great effort to use the computer as a tool allowed to continue learning in isolation.  We now know their limitations.


There is a new term in the news called the learning pod.  This is a new name for a small group of children that get together for enriched learning. I am grateful that I will be able to accommodate children’s learning need in the virtual world during the period of March on. It was rewarding to have many parents thank me for being the only consistent instruction that their children were receiving during those months of school closure. Let’s hope that we do not have to go back to only using our computers as our strongest option for learning.


The Literacy Workshop provides opportunities both on Zoom and in person. Small group learning pods will be available to students in the fall of 2020, as well as in person private lessons.  Zoom lessons will also be available for both small groups and individuals who would rather do remote learning.



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